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Of course, doing an internship is a good way to gain practical knowledge and experience before making that transition to the real world. Doing an internship through AMPED, however; is a GREAT way to break away from the pack.

AMPED offers a host of internship options throughout Ecuador, including the Galapagos, to help challenge and expand participants’ learning and skills.

Interns are paired with an expert mentor in their area of interest that can give them a higher level of trained and personalized guidance that will help further their knowledge and development. Participants are also afforded some creative latitude to design their own internship program. That is, in addition to deciding their focus area, prospective interns have input concerning their work objectives and the type of work responsibilities they hope to have. Based upon questionnaire responses submitted, AMPED’s staff and in-country partners will work with project staff to identify an internship assignment that is the most suitable fit and that best matches participants’ interests.

In order to gain the most benefit from an internship, those interested are encouraged to consult their college or university advisor for assistance with developing their internship plan, including goals and objectives as advisors through their own research may be able to provide critical insight. Being informed about such matters will help interns to better target their interest and focus.

Finally, just as with our volunteer program, interns need to be prepared to demonstrate initiative. The level of involvement and satisfaction is directly related to the level of individual commitment.


Internship candidates need to be college or university students that have completed at least 60 hours of college course credit and must be willing to make a 4 or 9 week minimum commitment, depending on the internship placement. Generally, medical, education, and social work internships require at least a 4 week commitment. All other internship programs require a 10 week minimum commitment.

The ability to communicate effectively in Spanish may be required – a basic Spanish level for 4 week internship programs and an intermediate Spanish level for 10 week internship programs.

Intensive Spanish language classes can be arranged prior to beginning an internship assignment if necessary.

Additionally, participants must provide an official "Certificate of Good Conduct " or official proof of "Lack of a Criminal Record". This documentation (with an official seal and signature) can be obtained, for a nominal fee, from the local police department, county district clerk's office, or equivalent law enforcement or governmental body. Background checks conducted through online services will not be accepted.


Agriculture and Natural Resources Hospitality/Tourism
Architecture Law
Computers Business Studies/Marketing
Economics Media and Journalism
Education Medicine
Engineering Psychology
Environmental Science and Zoology Social Work/Social Issues
Finance Dentistry
Teaching English/Education
PROGRAM 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Internship $1730 $2080 $2430 $2780 $3130 $3480 $3830 $4180 $4530
Galapagos/Small Galapagos Internship $1790 $2165 $2540 $2915 $3290 $3665 $4040 $4415 $4790

*Includes project set-up arrangements, 2-3 meals/day depending on location airport pick-up, host family accommodations, laundry service (depending on location), orientation, and 24/7 emergency in-country staff support. Spanish lessons are only available in Quito, and if your schedule permits. These fees are only applicable to non-medical projects based in Quito. Please contact us concerning fees for the following placements and placement locations: medical, wildlife, jungle conservation, Canoe, Galapagos, cloud forest, tropical forest, and Puerto Lopez

Contact AMPED’s Latin America Program Manager for more details concerning specific internship placements, and for information concerning internships available in the Galapagos and their fees (fees in the Galapagos vary.)

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