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Dear AMPED Volunteer/Intern,

So you are AMPED about volunteering/interning abroad? Awesome! Your time in your host country is sure to be an adventure you will never forget.

Unlike merely traveling and taking on the role of a distant observer, volunteering/interning abroad immerses you in the culture and day to day living of a country and its people. As a participant, you live and see as the locals. You are challenged to step beyond your comfort zone. Your worldview is transformed. Your desire to learn and do more to help others is kindled. And you form relationships that will last a lifetime.

Further, our world has become increasingly small and global at the same time. Colleges and universities are placing greater emphasis on students obtaining global experience prior to graduation. Corporations similarly have become increasingly multi-national in scope and the work environment itself has become more diverse. There is no better way to prepare to compete and thrive in this new world than volunteering in a foreign land.

With that being said, it takes a bold spirit, coupled with an independent and curious personality, and most importantly, an open mind to truly value the experience that can only come with living in another country, particularly a developing country.

"Developing country" is a term used to describe countries that have not yet achieved the level of economic resources, technology and infrastructure, and/or governmental and social structure necessary for sustained growth and progress. Poor infrastructure, inadequate healthcare systems and facilities, and tight governmental controls are common place.

As an AMPED participant, the temporary inconveniences you encounter during your time abroad are just that -- temporary. For those living in developing countries, it is their everyday life.

In order to reap the most rewards from your experience, you must be willing to take the initiative as your level of involvement is determined by your ability to step- up to the plate, as well as the knowledge, skills, and creativity you bring to the table. In short, your experience is what you make it. And we are willing to help make sure every moment of your time abroad lives up to the meaningful expectations you have hoped.

Finally, we are excited that you have chosen AMPED to broaden your horizons and to increase your understanding about the life and culture of others that live in our vast world. Your time will be memorable and your contributions to your project will undoubtedly be welcomed and appreciated.

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