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1. First of all, you are not paying to volunteer. You are paying for a cultural immersion experience. That makes it an investment! Spending time abroad makes you standout as a candidate for college acceptance and career opportunities. Volunteering is the vehicle by which you obtain cultural immersion and by doing something that matches your interests you are guaranteed to reap more from your experience.

2. There are numerous organizations abroad where you may choose to devote your time. Determining which projects are safe and trustworthy can be somewhat tricky. By researching the projects beforehand, AMPED provides a valuable service and helps to eliminate the guesswork.

3. There are also many factors that come into play and logistical tasks that need to be coordinated prior to your arrival, including organizing your placement, arranging your accommodations, your airport pick-up, and your meal provisions, all of which require significant time and resources. As a result, there are administrative and operational costs incurred.

4. Our service does not stop there. What happens if you get sick? What happens if you are having communication barriers? What happens if your money or documents are lost or stolen? What do you do if your flight is late? What if your family needs to contact you? These are all issues that AMPED staff and in-country coordinators have faced at one time or another. And in each case, participants and their families were thankful they made the investment.

5. Finally, while you are going to help those in need, we cannot stress it enough that as a volunteer, you stand to gain the most from this experience as volunteering serves as the vehicle by which you will obtain an up close and personal, and in depth view of day to day life abroad.

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